Script font for ID

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Anyone recognize this script font? I am trying to ID it, without much luck so far....

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No, I thought that at first, but the q's in Zapfino are wrong.

Here's a better version...

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It looks like the 'q' from Zapfino one, altered slightly. The 'x' is also altered from Zapfino one.

- Lex

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I thought maybe this was an example of Linotype's new Zapfino Extra, with all the alternates and OpenType bells & whistles. However, that 'q' still doesn't quite match up ... I think Lex is right about the slight customization.

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I agree with Lex too. The tail of the Zapfino One 'q' has just been clipped off. See the whole family of Zapfinos, including Forte, in the Script Font ID Guide, Part 4.

- Mike Yanega

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OK, thanks for the input!

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