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Anyone know if Veer usually have a Spring sale? I want a couple of bits - that Kern hoody and the serif/star tshirt.

Any ideas? I don't want to go ordering only for them to halve the price next week.


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I have not known them to have any kind of sale on merch.

Just so you're not disappointed: the KERN zip-up is hoodless. But I got one for Christmas (like everyone else) and it's lovely.

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Hmm, don't know why I thought that, I think I like it even more now. :D

Will order I think, thanks for your help.

PS. Stephen, I'm the guy that sent through that Dilfana nameplate before xmas, fancy seeing you here eh? :P

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I ordered a KERN zip-up a few weeks ago. They are on back order. They [merchants in general] usually only have sales on stuff that isn't moving well. Those things fly out of the place so I wouldn't count on a discount sale anytime soon.


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Veer is not a retail clothing outlet... I don't think they'd have a sale unless they were trying to get rid of their stock.

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Plan's off, not paying $60 for delivery to the UK!

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The KERN zipup is on back order anyway and since they never sent me a confirming email to let me know they received my order, I have no idea whether or not I'm getting one... bad customer service!

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>bad customer service!

This is likely related to the fact that Veer is set up to license and deliver digital IP, not clothing. Scripty fonts and pictures of kittens should never be out of stock.

Cheers, Si

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I don't mind waiting for the item, I'd have liked some acknowledgment that they received & processed my order which they should do whether it's a kitten pic or a jacket.

Given how many people on this web site ordered this jacket I'm not surprised it's out of stock.

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