Has anyone seen my font?

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Help - I need this bead'n babe font on my machine in order to edit the materials I purchased but can't edit now - opens in default fonts.

Has anyone see my font or know where I can purchase it from - I've looked almost everywhere.

BUS. CARD bead and babe sample.JPG31.97 KB
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'Remedy', by Frank Heine.?


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Evidently, you don't work in Windows (or didn't bother to look in your own font folder, if you do)...the typeface is Jokerman, which comes with Word, if not with the OS itself.

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Hmm.. Yea, Lex, and Nick, you both seem right.. ( So what came first, 'Remedy' or 'Jokerman', because they sure share some odd similarities.? :)


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From the Emigre site:

In 1988 the London-based Thunderjockeys, consisting of Graham Elliott and John England, designed an album cover for the New York metal band Living Colour. The logo they drew for this cover was either the inspiration for a number of such curlicue typefaces surfacing in those days, or was simply a harbinger of these creations destined to come out due to that period's interest in 60's and 70's styles.

Remedy was designed in 1991; Jokerman, in 1995. I think the sample is Jokerman due to the holes in the 'a' (a-holes?).

- Lex

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Bunch of A-holes ehy? :-)


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