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ok guys, what do you think of this: a logo for an online movie portal with box office function, enabling you to buy tickets for your local cinema.

attached is a first idea, white on dark purple for online usage, and positive for letterhead etc.
critique welcome,


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I suggest making the C more pronounced and lower the waist on the Xs

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good comment, dan, i'll definitely try that.

i also throw in a second idea for discussion.
(see cinetixx_2.jpg)

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I would definitely choose / prefer version 1 / A over 2.. Quite unique and smart enough.. :) ( I am pretty sure that I have seen several other logos, quite similar to your second version / idea, myself.. Just one bad example, as they even use the same typeface.: EasyTicket.. ) I think you may have to work some more on the characters themself, like Dan already said..


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I prefer v1 as well. The thing that I like the most of it is that your dot matrix is pretty unique, that your X center is above the mid-riff, and that C has an upward swell. Almost hinting at the Deco.

This is a good thing to my eyes, since a lot of my favorite old movie theatres are from the deco era.

But this also has a nice contemporary feel to it as well. So I'd recommend adjusting the letters, but just don't turn them into your generic dot matrix letters.

You could also play with putting this in a type of relevant frame (i.e. look at old theatre billboards).

And make sure you look at this really big. I learned some lessons doing this on a similar logo approach awhile ago. Given, it won't be that big that often but it may find itself on a billboard or banner someday).

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thanks for your comments.

i've added some new ideas (versions C1-C3) to broaden the spectrum. i wonder whether things are getting any better.

my favourite is still version 1, with changes to be made as suggested. i also like the slight retro-feelgood-cinema touch it has without becoming to old-fashioned. i agree there's some potential in a frame, but can't really envision anything with it...


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ok, two more added. i think i'll pretty much work with A, B3 and C4 for the moment.

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The shadowing in C4 seems odd to me as if it's two shadows from different light sources/angles?

The thin rules in B3 are nice at larger sizes but are obviously lost when reduced...just something to think about.

I'm with the others on your dot-matrix attempt, I like the simplicity/feel of it. It has a unique style and grid to it that will make it stand out from other less well thought out uses of dots.

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It seems to me that C3 has some mileage in it though the light source is a bit theatrical rather than cinematic, perhaps lit from beneath would change that. C4 gives me the impression of a roll of film which could work better if the 'shadow/film still on the roll' had more of a curve on it. The old ticket styles are a bit obvious while not having an outstanding quality to them.

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I'm still feeling the original dot approach. As is the case, it's usually the first idea that shines the brightest.

That said, B3 might be a good way to go depending on how they want to position themselves. That has a very fandango big brand look and feel to it. Whereas A has a more sophisticated unique feel to it. This appeals to me more, but am I your audience group?

I think C1 might have some legs, but I see it working like the Paramount logo or the old Le Monde Cafe logo. Big globe with big ol letters in front of it. Again a nod to the deco.

I agree on the shadowing on those newer attempts, seems a little off to me.

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Also, if you do look into C4, you might want to connect those drop shadows to the front letters. That will look more polished.

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I agree wholeheartedly that the first logo is by far the best. It's clean, simple, elegant and distinctive. As a bonus, it will stand up to being reproduced at a significantly smaller size or in black and white.

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I really wish we could get inline images back. It's impossible to keep track of progressions when they're all forced into one post.

I'd go with B3. It's cliche, a tad cheesy, but seems absolutely appropriate for the subject matter, and perhaps a bit stronger at small sizes at low resolution (ie, on a web site)

I agree with others that #1 is the best logo in terms of overall aesthetics, concept, etc, but not sure if it's the most appropriate. If you do use it, I'd restrict it's use to the reversed form.

Also, on a tangent, does the world need yet another online movie ticket site? ;o)

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Inline images are back, I just don't think many people realize it. Upgrade to the newest Macromedia Flash player and you'll see an Insert Image link below your Comment box.

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"Upgrade to the newest Macromedia Flash player and you’ll see an Insert Image link"

We have to have flash to upload a file? Odd.

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It's a Flash based system with some sort of coded back-end from what I can tell. It works just fine, don't really see it as odd.

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> We have to have flash to upload a file?

Just to clarify ... You need the latest Flash player plug-in for your browser, NOT the entire Flash web design software package. The plug-in is free and lets you see/utilize the newest Flash code written into web sites.

See here for more info and for a link to download the plug-in: http://typophile.com/forums/typeid/faq/#Q_3

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thanks, guys.

i've prepared three versions for the presentation, and whoever's interested can watch the "moods" i did for each. they are small mov-files at a bout 10mb a piece. (please, these are for private use only, as i do not own any rights on these images and music!)
i think i'll go into more detail on whatever version the client chooses, thanks everybody for your valuable input so far.

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It’s a Flash based system with some sort of coded back-end from what I can tell. It works just fine, don’t really see it as odd.

It's like using a belt sander to nail in a nail. Yea, it works, but is overkill and doesn't really offer an advantage to begin with.

But I digress...back to the topic at hand...

Wow...you do 'mood movies'? Interesting. And lots of work. Nice!

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Wow! Thomas, I'm totally impressed by your mood movies! All three showcase the logo designs and their concepts very well. If I were the client, I'd have a tough time deciding after that presentation. (Though based on the designs alone, I think the 'ticket' and 'marquee lights' concepts are the most polished).

Very nice work, indeed.

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i know it's a lot of showmanship to do movies, but that really gets the differences across. and - with iMovie it's rather fast to do. your clients will love it!

i agree though, i'll definitely try to push the client toward the lights - most fun to work with i think.

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wow. mood movies. not a bad idea. though probably not in the budget either ;)
nice one though.

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> mood movies. not a bad idea. though probably not in the budget either

Not so sure... if it says everything in 45 seconds that you would put into a 30 minute proposal, it could be worth it to the client. Plus, Thomas makes a good point about iMovie being relatively quick to put a presentation together.

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that's a good point. a lot goes into contextualizing things, and you never know if your client really knows what your referring to.

but these remove the ambiguity.

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I'm still a fan of the original dotted letters, shown in movie 3. The one shown in movie 2 is probably my second favorite. The first says original and interesting to me, with a dash of sophistication. The second one seems more 'expected' to me.

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