Semi serif

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I'm looking for semi-serif's. can anyone recommend some?

Thank you

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You may have already thought of 'Rotis' and 'TheMix' / 'Thesis'.? ( The 'standard', classic suggestions for 'Semi Serif'.. :)

What about 'Keule', by Hubert Jocham, or, 'Sovereign', by Nick Cooke.?


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I am really liking Storm's Areplos.


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Funny, I ususally recommend Storm faces, but today MyFonts' font of the day fits the bill: Cicero by Présence Typo. I was checking out their library, and IMO it's right up there in quality with Storm. Great stuff!
I think Laricio also fits in your semi-serif search.

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FF Avance by Evert Bloemsma.

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