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What is the font used here ?

You can alsaw see it large at

rightsponsor.gif1.76 KB
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Any of the gothics -- Trade Gothic, News Gothic, Benton Sans -- will get you very close.

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Trade Gothic Light and Bold No. 2, to be exact.

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oh nice, and i found a free download too.

THNX macrox

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Just a 'legal' note.: There should NOT be a 'free download' for it..
( That means.: The typeface you downloaded is most propably a bootlegged and therefore 'illegal' copy of 'Trade Gothic'.. Be 'proud' of yourself, but be warned that Typophile doesnt really tolerate this kind of 'behaviour', and 'way of thinking', over here.. You wont find ( m ) any people on here that are happily celebrating with you, that you found an illegal 'free' copy, of a commercial typeface.. )


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