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Blessings of the Masses
Blessings of the State

with humility in heart and typography in mind.
time and time again i return to typophile seeking
the collective wisdom and knowledge which i've
come know and depend upon.


i have for your consideration two typographic compositions .
both from japanese publications . i've just returned from work in tokyo
and it never ceases to amaze me how much good Roman/Latin Character
typography i see in a land built from kanji.

the first image is from a japanese magazine . DUNE .

the titling typeface is familiar . bringing to mind thoughts of NOFRET . FIRENZE . CALIFORNIAN .

it is however distinct . CAN ANYONE NAME THIS . POSITIVELY ? ? ? ?


the second image is from a new NTT DOCOMO campaign .
i believe the type is an illustration. but i wanted to show everyone
here . and ask if anyone could recommend a similar style san-serif,
with angular finishes + details .


my sincerest sentiments & well wishes for a powerful 2006 .


hold me down . holy .

Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic .

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i'd like to ask again . if anyone can positively identify the type in use in the FIRST SPECIMEN .


the second image is more than likely an illustration . or custom type for the ad .

so disregard that .

but i'm dying to know what font is in play in the first image .

please please please . lend any and all advice .


Peace Be Unto You .


Hold Me Down Holy .


Aeroysn-Lex Mestrovic

. : : : S A N G R E . P A G A . P A R A . S A N G R E : : : .

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Sorry I missed this when you first posted it.

The first one appears to be Andrich Minerva, an old VGC film font:

The R is different, but otherwise it matches.

I don't know of a digital version.

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About the sans serif -- the vector structure reminds me of Emigre's classic Citizen by Zuzana Licko, though the character shapes don't match.

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Andrich Minerva somewhat resembles Gustav F. Schroeder's DeVinne (also available in Text variant). I don't know if that's close enough for you.

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as always . my unending thanks + praise

Andrich Minerva is a gorgeous typeface .

Mark, may i ask where you referenced that image . is it in your personal collection ?

Also, you mentioned you don't know of a digital version . is there anything SIMILAR

which you would be able to recommend ? ? ?


CITIZEN immediately came to mind . the genius work of Zuzana Licko .

i thought it might be a reference for the illustration .


thank you again for the support .

DeVinne seems to have more of an | Engravers Feel | to it .

If any other similar fonts come to mind . please please do not hesitate

to post ________________________________



. : : : S A N G R E . P A G A . P A R A . S A N G R E : : : .

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A similar font the R is still different and the x-height isn't quite as much.
I wonder if a background colour stroke has been applied to the text.

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The sample of Andrich Minerva came from a photo display type catalog from around 1980. The font was published by VGC. It was one of the winners of a type design contest they held in 1965. I suspect your sample is pre-digital.

As for similar fonts, it reminds me of ITC Century Light and ITC Modern 216 Light.

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MY THANKS TO ALL . for the insightful replies .

I still hope to find the exact typeface in use . The sample

comes from a modern monthly japanese magazine, using the

face throughout each issue as well as for the title design.

I'm thinking it may be a custom font . So I have written the

Art Director in hopes of learning exactly what typeface it is .


ITC Modern 216 Light is a gorgeous typeface in it's own right .

it has many of the same nuances as ANDRICH MINERVA .


thank you for all the help .


Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic

. : : : S A N G R E . P A G A . P A R A . S A N G R E : : : .

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A digital version of Andrich Minerva was released by Image Club in 1989 and subsequently revised several times during the early 90s. The face was discontinued for quality and consistency reasons in 1998 when Image Club was still part of Adobe.

Since it was discontinued and Agfa not longer distributes the family as part of the current Image Club library, the only place that Andrich Minerva is still available is on an old copy of the Image Club LetterPress disc. I believe I still have a couple of lightly-used copies of this disc, if you are interested in obtaining one.

Here are a couple of samples set in Image Club's Andrich Minerva using the text from your image. As you can see, the cap 'R' is different and the kerning is fairly ugly.

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