Searching for a modern slab-serif...

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I am searching for a modern serif or slab-serif with a corporate and "cubic" feel.
This is the way i ma going: (but i don't like the lowercase "e")
or (i like this one but need an alternative)
or maybe...

Hope you guys can come up with something...


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Stymie 1 and/or 2

Candida is one of my favourites

Hedonic (might be a little too modern and different, perhaps not blocky enough — and the letter m bothers me but what the heck!)

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That Veer redraw of the venerable old Stymie is quite nice! Thanks for the link Andi!


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Maybe not as bleeding-edge as Cholla -- and I do like Cholla -- but you could look at Dispatch from Font Bureau.

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Nice suggestions so far. Serifa is a little less rigid than Stymie and better for text.
Maybe it's too obvious, but ITC Officina might be right here.

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Hey, what about Joanna ?

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could you not just adjust the "e" to your liking? If that is the typeface you like and are having trouble finding one that can be an alternative... seems like the easiest thing to do.

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PMN Caecilia is my favorite.


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