Need Help for Corporate identity Guide

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Hello typophilers
I work on a corporate identity and have to make the guide.
Since it has to be in english and this is not my mother tongue,
I need to have some samples. I did a little research,
but I am not satisfied. Also I realized that there is no
standard in terminology. For example I found those 3 descriptions:
logo=symbol+signature, Mark=symbol+namestyle and mark=symbol+logotype.
So if anyone has some good examples please do let me know.

I send you the logo (?) which will be in both french and English (!!!)
so you can suggest the proper description.


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I would call a logo the way you designed it a combination of symbol and (word)mark.

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I agree. You have a symbol and logotype(wordmark). Below the logo is the signature.

AIGA has a PDF of their identity guidelines here:

Look at page 6 where it explains how to use the various signatures.

Great logo by the way. I love bi- and multilingual identities.

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Pieter: I am thinking the same way.

seventy7: This is what I was searching for! Thanks a million!
...I should think about looking in AIGA!


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Hi, 'tsoler'

I am suggesting 2 very usefull sites:



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Thanx a million Pano


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