Need Help for Corporate Identity Guide

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Hello typophilers

I work on a corporate identity and have to make the guide.
Since it has to be in english and this is not my mother tongue,
I need to have some samples. I did a little research,
but I am not satisfied. Also I realized that there is no
standar terminology. For example I found those 3 descriptions:
logo=symbol+signature, Mark=symbol+namestyle and mark=symbol+logotype.

So if anyone has some good examples please do let me know.

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Here is a typical corporate style guide (as found by a Google search). Unfortunately, typical style guides do not contain the breadth of typographic standards one would hope for. I would love to show you some of the comprehensive style guides my agency has done, but we're under NDA. ;-)

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The last time I did a corporate ID guide it took a year for the research and another 6 months to write. The project was well over $200,000 for a small regional thrift bank. Its a major project and not something you can do as a cookie cutter approach. Each industry has different needs and different uses. Good luck with you project.

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I'm willing to share work with you that our firm has done, and other work I have collected. Email me, and I can help you further.

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Kyle, you should create a wiki entry about Corporate ID and share with all of us. :^)

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This is one of those things I've been thinking about for a long time. Of course there is never any time to write up things like this. And it's tough when you're the only designer at a company. Hopefully someday, after reading up on all this stuff from places like this, I'll get to devote some time to creating standardization documents. :)

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