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Another day, another logo. This time I'm working on a logo for a friend's software company in Holland called "Fishgrind". They create various types of software packages but to date have been specializing in software that runs audio visual projector and plasma screens in clubs and entertainment venues.

As you can imagine it's been a little tricky drawing any direct connections between the name and what the company actually does so I have mainly stuck to playing with letterforms and the fish reference.

After tossing around several potential ideas I have come down to one that seems reasonably solid, although I'm still playing around with certain aspects such as typeface, weight and little fish glyphs.

Here is just a small progression of how the idea came about, as always all comments/suggestins are welcome.


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Nice one you've got there. Before reading your post I did say to myself thats a very modern look for a fish grinding company hehe. I like the evolution. Its cool that your text can stand by itself. My only crit would be (for me) that the hook on the g is a little thin. Otherwise its a nicely executed idea.


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Nice. Two suggestions, though: The 'fi' looks a bit too tight for my taste – maybe you could move the f a little bit to the left to achieve the optical feeling that 'fi' is as broad as the terminal 'd'.
That would also result in the 'g' being more centered, leaving space for optionally adding 'soft' and 'ware' below the actual logo to stress what the company is doing actually.
Greetings, sk

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I think it's great. I'd exaggerate the hook a bit. What I really like is the conceptual tie to POP video displays, which are marketing devices to 'hook' in potential consumers/customers.

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Ok, here is the slightly revised edition with some different flavours. I wanted to add some colour to the logo since they primarily deal with software for clubs and entertainment venues. Maybe the colours are a little too bright and bubbly at the moment but I'm still tweaking them. I widened the fi lig as much as I could without it starting to look silly and also thickened & lengthened up the hook a little. Overall I'm liking the way it's turning out.

The image is too big to attach here so here's a link to it:

See what you guys think.


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i like the mood your typography creates, but the fish aren't in the same style, so they jar me out of the logo itself.

further, while i like the typographic treatment of the fish hook, i don't see how it illustrates a fish 'grinder'. i see it being a fish 'catcher'.

lastly, since the parallel between fish and catching them, grinding them, or otherwise, really has no value when illustrating what the company actually does (software for audio visual projector systems), i'd suggest you drop the fish hook and the fish.

instead, put your faith in the power of the fishgrinder moniker. the word itself, as dache pointed out above, carries a lot of illustrative power all by itself. you can still make the logo fun and iconic, by just giving the brand name creative typographic treatment.

i think your work is strong in its many different aspects, mmilo. i just think that you can fit them together better in this instance to create a more powerful, streamlined image/message.

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This is fun. I just have a few suggestions/ideas:

- The s needs some work. It is too geometric and the top slopes forward making it look as if it is falling over.
- Do you need the literal hook? Isn't it enough that the _g_ resembles a hook? What if you extended the tail a bit more? I think if you weren't quite as literal the fish wouldn't be as stylistically opposed to the typeface.
- Can the fish be a little more assymetrically placed?

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thanks everybody for helping out\ commenting on mmilo, your not just helping him out but you creating the future logo of my company, thanks a lot dudes, i love the logo and it can only get better. greetings from Holland.


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"lastly, since the parallel between fish and catching them, grinding them, or otherwise, really has no value when illustrating what the company actually does"

As I stated, I think there's a strong connection. You are 'realing in' clients. 'baiting folks' with POP presentations. Etc.

Cheesy? Maybe. But I like it.

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