TypeTool 2: PC or Mac?

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I've been working with a demo version of TypeTool and now I'd like to buy it, but I don't know which platform to use. The Mac demo I'm using will generate font files for Mac or PC. Does the Windows version export fonts for PC and Mac? I have a Toshiba laptop I'd like to use simply for its portability, but I want to be able to create fonts for both platforms. Anybody know anything about this?

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AFAIK, no windows font programme can export mac fonts.

Though if you make OpenType fonts you don't have any problem since they work on either Mac or PC

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> AFAIK, no windows font programme can export mac fonts.

I was afraid of that.

I'm not able to spring for FontLab yet, so I'm going to start with TypeTool (I'm a newbie) which doesn't support OpenType.

I think that's odd that the Mac version supports both platforms while the PC version doesn't. Must be something technical.

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Acute Systems CrossFont does a good job of converting PC fonts to Mac format, and vice versa. There's a trial version (which I believe is almost fully functional), but the license is only $45 IIRC. It only works on PCs.

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> I think that's odd that the Mac
> version supports both platforms [...]

Hmm, is this true?
The Pyrus/Fontlab website seems to be down.

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I know bugger all about Macs, but that seems kinda reasonable. AFAIK Mac files have a "resource fork" that PC files don't have (this is where the info is in a font file). I think that PCs can't write the resource fork - so they can't generate Mac fonts. But the opposite doesn't apply.

[This is mostly a guess...]

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In the TypeTool Mac manual PDF, it lists Postscript Type 1 for PC as an export option. I've seen it in the demo, however, I haven't actually tried an exported font on a Windows machine.

Nathan, I'm going to check out CrossFont. Thanks for the info. Although, I'm starting to think I'll just get the Mac version of TypeTool.

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I never understood why PCs can't export resource forks and stuff. If you take a PC formatted zip disk and transfer Mac files to it and then read them on a PC, the resource fork is listed as a separate hidden folder titled resource.frk. I don't see why something like type tool can't just do that.

I've tried Crossfont's PC to Mac export and it didn't work for me. The fonts were screwed when I was able to test them on the Mac. It compresses them into an hqx or bin file which keeps the resource data intact so it should've worked. I've only tried it the one time, so I might've missed a setting or two.

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If you're only converting fonts then TransType works wonderfully. I've used TransType for a few years usually converting fonts from Mac to PC with relatively few hickups. Currently, I'm using the OS X version of TransType.

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