(x) New York Times Magazine script - hand lettered by Deanne Cheuk (similar to Mommie) {Yves, Dan Woodward (self), Dav}

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Hi everyone, and happy holidays. Does anyone know the script that was used on the cover of the christmas day issue of the "new york times magazine" I'm just curious, it seems like a real gem! Thanks.

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'Mommie', by Hubert Jocham, may be an alternate..

Frohe Weihnachten / Merry Christmas / Buon Natale..
Happy Hanukkah..

( And, A Happy New Year '06, already.. :)


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I think this is done by hand -- observe how repeating characters look different.

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yeah I think you're right, in that its done by hand, thanks for the responses.

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lettering done by Deanne Cheuk

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Ya know, when I got this mag I was SURE this would end up a thread on Typophile! And immediately checked for the credit, the aforementioned Deanne Cheuk. It's really nicely done.

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I could've sworn that I saw something like this in one of the books I recieved today as gifts (http://typophile.com/node/16962), but can't find it now! I even remember the same word being used.

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Tony DiSpigna

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This brought to mind the Rebecca Alaccari revival font Pendulum.

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Wow - actually interesting caligraphy - pretty rare [for me].

BTW, is this inspired by Mommie, or
are both inspired by something older?


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