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This is a display font I'm doing for a school project.
Would really like to hear any comments..

Still need to find a better solution for:
A and R - different enough? I don't think so..
U and V - well they're interchangeable now really..
D - well it's a d now, innit

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Hi Jonathan

Your G looks like a 9 and you really have some
confusing glyphs like Y/Q. Maybe you should try
using the whole pentagon for the A, like you did
in U/W. And I really like your Z.

I would cut the stroke in the upper pentagon
stroke of your W too.

Where are you planning to use this font
anyway? Just curious... :-)


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Thanks for your comments, they came in very handy.

The font is based on a piece of music that combines jungle (drum&bass) and ragga mc-ing (dancehall reggae). Ragga represented by the almost tribal form of the beehive double pentagon form, and jungle represented by the electronic clock way of forming letters in it..

I might end up using it one time for a vynil cover or some stickers or something. Somewhere where legibility isn't that much of an issue :-)

I worked on some alternates for the glyphs you mentioned:

Using the whole pentagon for the A sort of ruins the overall look, but I think the changed R might be enough to distinguish the two.

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BTW, Jonathan, I think you could listen to Killing Joke's "Wardance" for some inspiration. :-)

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Yeah, the whole pentagon A doesn't look nice at
all. The G is getting better.

I think the center Y is the best one, but maybe
you could try replacing its upper pentagon with
the 4th one. That terminal somehow helps
me identifying the glyph.

I really would like to see this font in use :-)

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