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i'm in the early stages of blocking out a new logo and tagline.

after tracing some web graphics just to see how the logo would look after playing with character baselines and tilts, i've decided to go ahead and purchase Jason Walcott's 'Pumpkin'. i really like the way the logo is looking so far: playful, and unassuming.

but the main reason i traced the font for the first step, instead of just buying it straight away, was so I could set the brand's tagline against it, and make sure i found two typefaces that worked together. here's where i need the most help. i started off with helvetica nue light, because i want to ensure the tag does not compete with the veiwer's eye for attention graphically.

the thing is, as my tagline would indicate, my target audience is designers. designers, as a rule, love to hate helvetica.

so, i'm looking for a substitute that will sit backseat to the wigglehop text-logo, and not raise anyone's hackles. it's an interesting study (i believe) in creative priorities: pure design vs. business consideration. on the one hand, helvetica excels in this case (and many others) precisely because it is so upright and impersonal. this, of course, is why so many designers dislike it. so, i believe my strongest choice in this design is helvetica. and yet, the design isn't my highest priority. appealing to my target audience is.

some might say the two are one and the same. but, i don't believe it's quite that simple.

so: anyone have some ideas on how to sidestep the helvetica issue? i've put together a few alternates, including a serif (century old style standard), just so i could prove to myself that serifs won't work in this case.

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second graphic shows what i have so far.

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Out of these three I have to admit that I would choose / prefer the 'Helvetica' one, the 1st one.. ( I just re read your first post and I may second you.: The tagline should not 'compete' with the logo type itself and thats what the 3rd one, for example, does.. :)

Edit-A-Bit.: I dont like Helvetica 'that much', myself, but I think it may work nicely as the taglinetype, here..


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Go for the simple type for the tagline because it allows emphsis on Wigglehop. You don't want it to compete with it.

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sorry about that. my second post referred to the '7f' graphic now visible. evidently, i messed up when i posted the graphic the first time.

i agree that helvetica works the best in the first graphic, but perhaps this alternative, 'Sathu', a system font that comes with mac osx, works the best, or at least comparably to helvetica, in the second graphic.

i've done a preliminary google search on sathu, but can't find out who makes it.

any feedback on the treatment i've given the main logo, now that it's actually set in 'pumpkin'?

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