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hi everybody,

i'm posting this logo that's been around for a while, some of you might even know it. it needs some refining, and i was wondering what you all think where to start.

any comments on the type? readability? what sort of connotations does it have for you all?

where would you head: going way retro? just cleaning up things?

looking forward to receiving your opinion,


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You can't talk about a logo, without talking about what its used for. What does it represent? What is the company? You gotta know what the problem is before you can solve it.

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I know the company so it isn't fair ( maybe ) for me the spill the beans. But Ithink it's a good logo for the kind of company it is. Could it be better? Sure. But it fits. Anybody object to my saying what the company does or what I think the logo suggests?

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That f is confusing. Looks almost like Ff. Have you tried a version without a square around the circle?


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i know it's not easy talking about a logo without knowing what it represents, but i think it's still valid to find FORMAL flaws, such as the somewhat confusing initial letter. (thanks david)

actually, it's a company producing power tools, with a long tradition, even claiming for themselves to be the inventor of the handheld power drill!

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David is right it looks like two F's you need to connect the vertical stroke to the horizontal to make one F. Good power tool colors. The tagline is a throw away. Your competitors can say the same thing. Try to find a tag line that is clearly your clients advantage in the market (If you can)

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To me, the logo represents innovation as tired, framed, and contained. If that's where you want innovation to be then it works.


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reminds me of the logo for ZF

despite of that, i would suggest taking only one
basic form. either the circle OR the square.
taking both makes them weaker as using
only one of them.

hope it helps


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I'm not so bothered by the circle and the square thing, but if this was all in a cicular format it would probably be stronger.

I agree on the F, I saw two F's in one, but I really like how the "bigger F" interacts with the circle.

I think this would look nice as an italic script, with some relationship between the stroke of the script and the circle.

This to me as a nice historical nod to it, like something CSA would make.

The challenge will be how to work in that tagline. But focus on the logotype first.

Recommend checking out some old hardware/tool/maybe even camera logos.

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was just looking at the Hoover logo, and thought it was relevant.


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hi all,

i posted a pdf with preliminary tests for a rework of the logo. any thoughts are welcome.

as of now, i would try to keep both the square and the circle, because i think they are very typical for it. also the horizontal top line of the F can hardly be left out. other than that, i feel it needs a modern edge without losing its heritage. check it out.


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It may sound slightly harsh, but I dont think ANY of these type choices is any better.. ( In the end it just looks like a word set in a circle, set in a rounded square.. )

I think this may well be a niiice opportunity for hand lettering.. :) Maybe you should rather improve / slightly adjust and redraw / 'reletter' the original logotype lettering instead of choosing 'just' another typeface to replace it.?

( As of now, I would still prefer the original one over those others shown.. )


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thanks dav - i very much agree with you so far, it's not getting any better yet.

i think the circle/square thing can be improved by enlarging the circle or finding a different negativ/positive combination.

don't know about the hand lettering - i kind of like the vespa-retro type and i feel it could work in that direction with adjustments made.

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Iteration # 8 looks too much like the Macromedia Flash logo.

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