Your favourite sans for setting body text

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Any favoured sans you find set nicely at body text size?

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I have many, but these are my current favorites:

  • FF Balance - This has so much character merely because the stress is horizontal rather than vertical. Looks great every time I see it (which is sadly too rare).
  • FF Strada - Simple forms mixed with some organic terminals and a thoughtful italic. Mmm. Another sample of FF Strada.
  • FF Quadraat Sans - There is experienced method behind the lack of uniformity.
  • FF Profile - Has a friendly air for less serious texts.
  • FF Legato - This groundbreaking design requires some reading to fully appreciate. Start here.
  • Versa Sans - More brilliance from a Dutch master.
  • Freight Sans - Excellent complimentary styles available too. I recommend loosening the spacing a tad.
  • Amplitude - The Normal and Wide are really great for small print.
  • Lisboa Sans - Veer mailed a sans poster a few weeks ago and this new release was the most impressive on the sheet.
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Stella is beautiful, and has all of the necessary parts.

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All things being equal, the one that has the best shot at good readability: Legato. And it doesn't hurt that it's the most culturally-significant design since... possibly the beginning.


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I use mine: Mundo Sans. It's meant for small sizes. There's a PDF to see it in use.

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My current fav and 'corporate type'.: 'John Sans', by František Štorm..

( And, I am still saving my money for additional StormType faces, like 'Metron' and 'Elektra'.. :)


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I have been using FF Quadraat Sans quite a bit lately. Possibly due to the fact that it is one of the few that I own, but nevertheless! Also, I have always admired FF Scala Sans, even more so that Scala Serif. FF Balance and FF Legato are pretty magic, as mentioned above. John Sans would be fun to play with, so much character!


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Mundo looks nice. has the worst "previews" though.

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Amplitude could work, but no italics.

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Thanks guys,

So many excellent suggestions ... I'm looking forward to setting some of my work in aforementioned fonts.

Cheers everyone, much appreciated.


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I received this book for Christmas, and it is set in Scala Sans. The spacing of this typeface has always been a bit problematical, but I'm impressed once again by how well it works for continuous text of this sort, i.e. interrupted by frequent illustrations that readers will typically pause to enjoy. This is the sort of context in which a sans serif can work quite well.

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I think Optima is one of the best. But, what's it for? Medical/Dental brochure, Clown School application, Build-it-yourself TNT kit instructions, Homer, A letter to Madona?

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I think Optima is one of the best. But, what’s it for?

Optima is used a lot in beauty products.

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Anything chilled.


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When he says "what's it for" I think Berlow's asking about Christian's project.

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"I think Optima is one of the best. But, what’s it for? Medical/Dental brochure, Clown School application, Build-it-yourself TNT kit instructions, Homer, A letter to Madona?"

Maybe here is where Optma is needed:


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"Mundo looks nice. has the worst “previews” though"

Chris and all,

Check it out: there's a new feature on Previews! from any font, package or family page, there's a link to try any font in the product at any size, in any color.....


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ATF Lightline Gothic at 11 to 14 pt. is easy on the eyes and pleasing to the palate.

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I fell in love with FF Profile! (saw it on "Letter Fountain" book!) It looks beautiful! (I'm also a big fan of Scala and Scala Sans families, but for something completely different in "feel", I guess.)

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I used Whitney A while ago for text and I was very pleased with it.

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i love working with century gothic and gill sans

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