African American Typophile in NYC

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In New York City in the '70s, I owned a tiny cold type company called Intertypographics. There was a guy, whose name I don't remember, who was not an employee, but used to hang around a lot because he was a typophile. Both he and I are African American. He would be about 50 by now. If he happens to be reading this, or anyone who thinks he might know him happens to be reading this, it would be great to make contact and find out what he's been doing for the last 35 years. The are other identifying details I could mention if someone things he knows him.

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Wow... what a long shot.
I grew up in Manhattan, went to Junior High uptown, went to High School in Brooklyn, and college in Greenwich Village.

I left NYC in 1970 but hung around with many design students up until that point. Do you have any clues? School? Where did he live? C'mon, dig into your old memory cells.

I have been tracked down recently by an old neighborhood friend, and I have chased down a few old friends here and there.

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Without even a name, I might start here:


BTW Norbert, that book will give you some great ideas about how to make
typographic learning [even] more fun. Its superb balance of education and
humor is unique in this field.


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Thanks Hrant, I'm going to order it AFTER the Xmas shipping rush.
What? Make typographic learning [even] more fun!?
What could possibly be more exciting than type? ;-)

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