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I'm working on a logo for a high end bike shop in a fairly upscale neighborhood. The owner and employees are very young and open minded so I've been trying to reach a compromise in the design. The logo will be used for business cards and shop signs as well as for shop clothing which will include jerseys, T-shirts, etc.

I went with clarendon bold for the type and used an image of three links of a bike chain attached at the middle. The name "Lamorinda" is an abbreviation of three towns, Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda, the shop is located in the middle of all three and hence the image of three links of chain.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if the Clarendon is too stern? Also, I've been having difficulty breaking up the text.



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I like this. To me, the links are reading as crank/sproket assembly. What if you took your top direction, joined the links at the ends to make a traingle and substituted that for the A. I'm not reading the mark as the O in the first choice.

Also, what's the origin of the name? Might try some types with national blood if it works that way.

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Clarendon plus dark orange spot color equals high school textbook flashback. Just saying. You're sending long-standing cultural "cheap" signals when you're supposed to be "upscale" and "high end."

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I have to say I find it a little distracting that the 3-link figure is an impossible construction -- couldn't be made with bike chain. Could you substitute with a derivation of a spoked wheel, crank (as jupiter suggests) or sprocket?

What sort of bikes are being sold?

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I think Clarendon works, but the shape doesn't seem very bike chain-like to me, either. Perhaps if there were 3 links linked into a triangle that sat in the red circle?

Layouts 1–3 are superior to 4 and 5.

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I personally wouldn't go all caps. It will restrict how big you can use it on jerseys and T shirts. The graphic is boring. Cycling is about speed, distance and location. Who cares about a crank spider? Use a more generic graphic like a spinning wheel or something enviromental like a local mountain or location. You might even make multi graphics with different graphics representing different locations in your geographical area.

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Thanks for all the good input. I've been working on a number of ideas which I will post and it would be good to hear more feedback.

I tried the triangle chain symbol which worked ok but I think I need to thin out the links to make it more effective, bad contrast. I also got rid of the previous chain symbol, it started to look like a propeller to me.

Replaced the O with the symbol in it with a chain in the shape of the O.

Also, experimented with breaking up the lettering in an attempt to liven up the type, I think it is a little to conservative for the shop.

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a few more

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I like #2 in your last set. The chains in 4 and 5 are way too small and at any size smaller they'd just be a mess of colors. Not saying that you should make them bigger though, they just don't work..nor does the type in either.

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hey Patrick,
my name is gabriel and i am 15 years old. I am on the Lamorinda cyclery youth development team. I wanted to tell you that i think the first Logo on your atachmen was awsome! i really like that. just wanted to let you know

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I also prefer #2 in the latest post, but I'm not sure about the uppercase Clarendon. Maybe go all lowercase, or change the face.

- Lex

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Here are the latest versions of the logo. Can't decide whether to use all upper case for "Lamorinda" or not. thanks for the comments.

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I enjoy the ball terminal corolation with the chain links portion of the logo with the all lowercase option.

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I can't see anything - make sure your images are RGB not CMYK.

- Lex

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Your chain ring image is nice because it looks like a sun symbol.The whole look is too horizonital

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I agree, it is very horizontal but it seems to work well on bike related media( tubes on bikes, small spaces on bike jerseys etc.) Here is a jersey I'm working on for a team sponsored by the shop I'm designing for. The safety orange color is a request from the title sponsor and the circle patterns are side cuts from a tree trunk. The image is a bit big so scroll to the right to see all the choices.


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