Chile Design, A brand for a local stock art company

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Hi typophiles,

I develop a logo for my "a la veer" latinamerican stock art company proyect, now it´s on my blog but soon will be online..
The goal of the logo is to for a caligraphic chili silouette form with a readable word "Chile"..Any comments are high appreciate..



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I like the Chile! It is hot :-)

Think about making the progression of sizes a bit more noticable make the C bigger) and perhaps make the stem of the chile at left a bit thinner.


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Agreeing with Chris here, a little better progression/chili shape definition and it'll be perfect. I'd like to see some different color treatments out of curiosity though.

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Miguel, as far as I know the name of the country (Chile) is a native voice, not a reference to the actual fruit. Leaving that aside it looks very good, just follow Chirs's and David's suggestion.


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I agree. Nice work!

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Very nice, I would look at the counter of the e to see if it could be made to connect more with the l and possibly soften the lefthand tip of the connecting stroke of the e and the top of the stalk.

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You almost have it make a shape that makes the chile a chile. The type alone with outline isn't obvious enough.

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It's really wonderful. And so close to being really realy strong. I would like to see the flourish on the left be bigger & fatter and then maybe something done with the dot on the 'i'. Or something. It's very tasty though!

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Just, one, word.: Lovely.. :)
Nicely done..


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i really like it miguel. the letterforms by themselves are so expressive. but as a chile, i think it might be a little stronger if there were a little more 'tilt' to the logo, and a little more 'curve', or 'curl' in the pepper.

as it stands, i like the subtlety. i saw the word before i saw the pepper. i like the feeling of discovery: first, cool letterforms, then suddenly, a graphic!


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Hey thank you!

I will do some variations to see what happen..



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"The type alone with outline isn’t obvious enough."

I'm not sure it has to be that obvious. I didn't see the actual chile at first, and just admired the beautiful type. Noticing tha it forms a chile shape was just an added bonus. I think making it too obvious might ruin the emphasis on the type.

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Great idea.
I would make the "cone" more pronounced - wider in the beginning.


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