Are you looking for the Renaissance Venetian Printer Aldus Manutius?*

This is the wiki-entry for Hermann Zapf's typeface Aldus

Hermann Zapf designed Aldus during the 1950s for D. Stempel AG and Linotype. Aldus was a typeface optimized for book text setting, based on Zapf's 1950 release, Palatino.

A digital version of Aldus is available from Linotype, Adobe, and their partners.

In 2005, Hermann Zapf released an OpenType revision and extension of his entire Palatino family, named Palatino nova. A new and improved digital Aldus is included, fittingly named Aldus nova.

See the Palatino thread for more information.

View Aldus nova on the Linotype website.

* Aldus is not a revival of types commissioned by Aldus Manutius. Rather, it is drawn in a general Italian Renaissance style and named in honor of his contribution to the world's typographic development.

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