Aloe Fonts

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Here is a new one. Aloe started out as a MM experiment, with weight and serif as the axis.

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Here is a pdf. Does anyone else get server time-outs every time they try to post an image?

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I think the "full serif" version is wonderful. But the sans is mundane, and the "stubby serif" cut isn't working at all it seems... :-( I think interpolating serifs can work (look at Penumbra), but it might be easier with flaring (as opposed to stubby) serifs.

I love the angled serif cuts in the "full serif" version! It seems that they're helping avoid that dreaded "backslant syndrome" that fully upright half-serif designs have - nothing short of a small breakthrough on your part. And the caps are really singing. It's like a butch Avance.

(More soon...)


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OK, some concrete suggestions for the "full serif" cut:

Shorten descenders.
Caps slightly too dark.
Work on spacing.
Make a Black weight.

a: too wide.
b: Make the spur the delicate kind.
f: longer foot serif; shift bar right; smoothen ascender.
g: narrower head; stronger ear; I don't get that trap.
k: not sure about that upkick thing.
o: too dark.
q: give it a delicate ear.
r: longer foot serif.
t: shift bar right.

A: a bit too wide; left diagonal too dark.
D: make wider.
G: needs work.
J: needs work.
L: too wide.
Q: I don't get that trap.
S: a bit too wide.
X: too wide.

numerals: the 4 looks wrong.

Keep it up!


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In your bold serif version: W is too dark, DEFL are a bit too dark, OQT are a bit too light.

The light weights are fine, except for the wide S.

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your font its incredible, but i really think you have to try to draw better.
your curves are broken and dirty. The geometry dont lie when say us where you have to put the vector points.

but your face with a fine draw can be a excellent font

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