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Hello there. New to the board. Would love to get some last minute feedback from you folks.

This is going to print in various forms on Monday. Any last minute adjustments would be greatly appreciated.

I have some thoughts but I don't want to bias your replies. Looking for thoughts on kerning, letterforms, serif treatment, overall aesthetic.

Thanks in advance.Amicus logotype

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I would be concerned about parts of the C U and S getting too thin at smaller sizes.

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Will check.

Good point.

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any other thoughts from you folks?

thank you!

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With the unique qualities found in the larger, wedge serifs, perhaps you should see if you can somehow incorporate more of a wedge-like serif on the C and S -- those two seem to be naked compared to the others. You might also consider removing the sharp apexes, rounding them slightly. Maybe dulling down all the sharp points throughout just a hair. Maybe rendering it a bit more hammered and chiseled. >>> just thoughts. :-)

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thanks....the serifs have been tricky for me. I have two flavors at play here.

I think I will try and thicken the c and s serifs so that they coincide with the others.

thanks again.

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the "c" "u" and "s" seem to be floating just a little, like they are not on the same baseline as the "ami". YOur guides may show that they are, but if they don't go below (slightly) the same baseline as the "ami" they would seem slightly above it, because they are curved letters...just a thought....

markatos's picture are correct.

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I think that sloped cut at the top of "A" could be a bit out of context. "M" seems to be slightly too narrow (comparing to "C" or "U" for example...) and "S" seems to be rotated 180 deg, probably because the upper curve is the same size as the lower. I think it should be smaller. I agree with Tiffany about heavier serifs at C and S. I hope we will see the new version soon. It could be a nice piece.

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Thanks for all the feedback. Here is a version that incorporates all of your ideas. Daresay, I think I have finished this....?

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The inverted serifs are nice but perhaps a bit dated.
Traditionally letters such as C and S would be approx 4% taller because they have curves. Here they look they same. I may suggest the changes made in the attachment.
refined amicus

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[ ] I agree with Ole's remarks about the C and S.

[ ] I think that perhaps the apex (apexes?) on the A and M need to be made more similar, perhaps?

[ ] Perhaps the opposite of what Ole suggested on the "thicker" parts of the C and U. In other words, make the thicks a bit thicker instead of thickening up the thins. ah!

[ ] Not sure if this has been suggested, but what if the U were a V?? Silly idea?

[ ] Serifs are much improved. However, the C and S continue to seem a bit small in the serifs. But, I'm not sure how to fix them. :^\

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Are those checkboxes? Do we print this out, fill our choices and fax it back to you? ;-)


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Momentary lapse of reason. Please excuse my silly tool for text delineation.

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