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hi everyone,

i have to do a design for a concert ticket "dummy", that regular concert tickets which are used as master/model/template at the ticket sales. as it's for my own company i have the chance to do something special, like a retro styled template (like those old bus tickets from the 60s/70s). anyone has a suggestion or collected some concert tickets he can images of here? the dummy don't has to include any pre-positioned fields or so as the text printed on it varies. the task is to design some nice master/template tickets which can be over-printed using that regular black colored line/matrix-printer type. any suggestions? thanks: lars

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Google>Images "concert ticket" will get you over 20,000 hits...

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First you've got to figure out what the potentially longest band name could be…

^ joke

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Googling with advanced image search is even better you can select to only get large images so you have better pics to get ideas from you can even go to sites that sell tickets run searches for upcoming concerts like tina turner tickets or something similar find recent ones to see what the layouts are.

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When using Google Images you might want to Google specific high-end concerts & shows where they were likely to use well-designed tickets. Concerts given by well-known performers, Las Vegas shows, Broadway tickets, etc.

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