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Now I'm designing a small magazine about music and thinking to use Aspect for headlines. But all of my friends are hate that font.
What do you guys think about Aspect ?.

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Are your friends the target audience? If so, you may need to give their opinion some weight.

Otherwise, use your best judgment and taste. I happen to think Aspect is beautiful in its simplicity. I wouldn't use it for a punk zine -- or maybe that would be a really cool, unexpected approach!

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Aspect is one of my favorite fonts, absolutely beautiful.

but it all comes down to the target audience.

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Apart from the target audience and intended image of the magazine; are you going to use Aspect for playing out all of it's ligatures? It is perfectly "minimal baroque".

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Thanks so much for advices.
Some of them are in my target audience and some of them aren't. Nobody like this font and I really doubt about my taste.
Thanks again. I'll think about it...

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