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Wondering what you all think about the vertical justification option in InDesign -- Is it useful, would you use it when typesetting a book, and how do you find it affects the readability?

Felici mentions vertical justification in The Complete Manual of Typography as a way to compensate for extra space left when fixing widows and orphans, but "The disadvantage to vertical justification of any kind is that it throws the text off any baseline grid in use."

Opinions and insight would be helpful!



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Hi Kristina,

I've found vertical justification useful when typesetting adverts with only one column of text, to fill in that extra space at the bottom (Clients for some reason seem to want every inch of space used up!)

When setting books, brochures or anything else with more than one page I've found that for consistancy purposes sticking to the baseline is preferable.

Given the choice (as opposed to client directive) I'd possibly never use it.

Hopefully this help you in some small way



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Thanks. Yes, that is helpful. In going through Felici and Bringhurst (again) I've realized they suggest going a line short or a line long on the spread. This is what I'll do.


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