Would appreciate som critique on this logo

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waddaya think? It's for my own company. There's something that bugs me about the 'E', but i can't put finger on it.

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looks cool. here's my two cents:

the S looks like it needs to be heavier and wider at the bottom. your E seems upside-down and the inside stroke is a little thin. The B is looking a little small (could be a bit wider). to make it more balanced, you might want to match the counters of the B to the those of the O,D,N, and G.

a good resource (that someone recently told me about) is:

type basics



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Just my two cents...

I kinda like the upside-down E... but what would happen if you made the middle stroke as long as or longer than the top and bottom strokes?

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Its boring. Mark Simonson has an article in general forums about "a cleaver use of a g" You might look at that article and see if it stimulates you to try something creative.

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You might try making your N less wide. It distracts me.

Dan - That's pretyy heavy eh? I would agree that it isn't Sooooo distictive as yet. A nifty G might be a good way to fix that.

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Flip that B! And while the miniscule "N" is unique and all, it doesn't make a ton of sense. It's not a "traditional" unicase with that majuscule "E".

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Thanks a lot! I have to finish our christmas card, then i'll work on the logo again. I'll post a new version during the weekend.

As for boring – don't worry, the logo as a whole isn't finished yet. The obnoxious parts are in the works.

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Here's a revised version. i made the the middle stroke of the 'e' and the n's stems a bit fatter. i also made the b wider and its counters a bit bigger. what do you think? (I put the attachments in the first post in this discussion, as i couldn't figure out how to put it in this one)

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Under the text box there is a link to 'insert image' *if* your have the latest version of flash (8?) installed. It works. See?

I think it's getting better. The N does not distrart as much now. BTW Why Bison? Your letter shapes remind me of Jeremy tankard's stuff. Intentional? But his n is set in a more modern feeling face. Your B E and N seem to be pulling in differfent directions. What are you getting at with this combination? It seems hodge-podgy. But maybe I don't get it. Can you explain?

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