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Like the topic says, a mark for a university art gallery. Thought I would toss it up and see what I’m missing. I have confidence I’ll get some constructive crit. This will be on everything. Signs, walls, invitations etc.

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P.R.I.N.T_Invitation.pdf54.51 KB
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Give us a PDF so we crit it real good like.


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I would thin UNT and FW. What typeface is this based off of? I like it.

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Maybe it's just me, but (here comes the disclaimer bit) I apologise for really poor taste around here, but...

students + the letters UNT + jumbo marker/spraycan = invitation to vandalise

Is it possible to expand the 'UNT' abbreviation, because it should stop this, it's just that if it's on signs etc., it's much less of an open invitation.

I'm sorry to drag Typophile into the gutter. But, I'd rather say something now than when it's finished.

P.S. Hrant... you're not from Liverpool are you?!!!

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Yeah, Duckworth has an unfortunate [but valid] point.

I may be missing something, but what does the UNT and FW actually stand for? If you could drop them, leaving just 'artspace', the whole thing would much look better and also work nicely as it would feel less cramped and have it's very own 'artspace'.

P.S hrant DOES sound like a scouser.....

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I think that’s Hrant’s hillbilly homage to Fort Worth.

Tom, that’s Formata SC. I’ve looked at several weights. The light seems to have more contrast than I want but I’ve been comparing, and will keep working with it.

Simon, your point is taken, but like all great minds you’re not the first to figure this out. Here’s a funny question: when North Texas State University changes to the Universtiy of North Texas, what do you do with the call letters for the radio station KNTSU? All that is to say, I’m not able to vary on the name. Previous version of the mark featured “artspace“ more but it was requested that I preserve the name order. Spray away.

What do you call a Zoroastrian hillbilly? Hellbilly?

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Hmmm... I like the Formata, but I'm not so sure about the 'artspace' face, it looks a bit too old-fashioned, I think because of the curves on the bowls of characters. Maybe (I'm guessing this is custom, but there must be something similar...) try and find something similar to the one used on the Guardian masthead. It's got a nice feel and would complement the Formata.

I like White Pepper's idea of leaving the 'artspace' in a space, but I don't think those initials would be helped by doing so (might make the UNT thing more noticeable).

Hope this helps!

P.S. Am now disappointed Hrant's not a Scouser...

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Thanks. Would be nice to be able to start with a rework on the name, but that’s not the case. That is Dolly BLD in the middle of the sandwich. I think (I'm not the font ID master) that is Oranda BLD in the gaurdian masthead. The x-height of Oranda and genes are a great match for Formata. Thanks for the help.

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> students + the letters UNT + jumbo marker/spraycan = invitation to vandalise

Wow, good point. Having that type of concern is what I consider good design.

> What do you call a Zoroastrian hillbilly?


Liverpool? Fort Worth? Yes!


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No worries. I was a student once, but I never owned a spraycan :)

Although, when I think about it, I did own some Letraset Pantone markers (do they still make those crazily expensive felt-tips?) - but they would have been too expensive to use, (even if it was only for adding the odd extraneous consonant here and there)!

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Since the Artspace is in the university you have no need to tell the reader they are at the university. You need to define artspace. I would need to know if it was a gallery or a dance company or maybe both. I might look at a more "arty" treatment of Artspace. Look at some of the U&LC work of Herb Lubalin. It seems you are going the easy route and need to do more research and spend less time on the computer.

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OK Dan, that gets the ball rolling. Let me clarify a bit, the gallery is not in the university. It is in a medical building in the arts district in a different city than the university. Now, as far as defining artspace, I think I know what you mean. One issue is that the current show is the first. The space may be used for dance. It may have many uses, but what those uses are is an issue for the curatorial department of the university. I've said previously in the thread that I am confined a bit in what I can do. I've not chosen to show options that have been rejected thus far. So here's a bit of context.

The original logo design. I don't know the designer on this.

Here is my first proposed rework.

Without too much detail, I am confined to using the name as it is. Given that I'm not going to vary much from the long wordmark, I've arrived where I have.

Oddly U&lc has been a favorite. Maybe I have ignored the development in some ways in favore of simple, thoughtless computer solutions. I tend to think in this case though that I'm not going to change certain imposed limitations. I know I'm dissapointed that I've not been able to direct the gallery toward a stronger mark, but I also feel I'm improving what exists, and providing some long term free support. I'm assembling a small type pool to cover wall labels and other unknown needs. Take a look at the attached PDFs to get a larger feel for the direction. I'll attach them to the original message.

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