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I've started working on these shapes to create this curly but not geometric typeface.
Any feed back on it is very appreciated.

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Not to spoil your fun, but those thin tight curves are going to be a devil in FontLab.

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What do you mean "a devil", Chester?

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Every bezier node and control point in every letter must, by the laws of type, be on a whole unit of the 1000 x 1000 unit grid. The finer your letterforms, and the more detail in them, the harder it is to describe them within the grid. A devil, that.

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Ah, thanks.

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This one is worth doing. Pretty nice, even.

About the grid coarseness issue: if you really get pushed into a corner you could give the font a negative talus (like script fonts often do), probably by making the x-height (mostly) fill the Em and letting the extenders go over. Especially since this thing will probably only be used to set one like at a time, this isn't unsafe.


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