Making shapes of certain sizes in FontLab

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Hi Folks,

I would swear there was a way to create a shape of a certain size in FontLab but I can't find it!

Let's say I wanted to make a circle or a square 100 units wide and high. How do I do that!?

Thanks in advance,


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Open the Primitives window (Window > Primitives).
Select Ellipse and click on the Place button.
In the tiny window that appears, click on the "..." button.
A dialog box will appear where you can enter the dimensions.

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In FontLab Studio 5 the Primitives panel is called Smart Shapes. People didn't like the name Primitives :)


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Hey! I used the "Primitives" panel to add early hominids to my fonts!
Actually, I never used "Primitives". I'm glad that the name has changed to something better.

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Thanks, Mark and Adam. I knew I was looking for primitives, but I guess when I am working at midnight, things tend to disappear off the menus! :)

Thanks again.

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I never used "Primitives" even though I am one :-)


PS: It had nothing to do with the name. Smart Shapes is no better or worse a name.

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