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After my crappy drawings of Kosal Says Hy, I've been trying my hand at a better quality display font. This one is more subdued with a hint of hip hop flavor. Does anything like this exist out there yet?

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Koleslaw: There are lots of other "hip-hop" inspired fonts out there, none of which are very notable as of yet. I suggest you avoid looking at any of them for reference.

This one is an okay stab at it all, however I suggest a little more research on the topic of graffiti "handstyles." You have some good weight going on here, but I think its overall shapes are too "safe" to be associated with hip-hop. I would love to see more contrast in the line weight.

Graffiti has some distinct explorations in its glyphs; fueled by the tool, speed, individuality, influence, and lack of knowledge when it comes to traditional lettering (I feel this is a positive thing). A good hand came from refining your alphabet till its quirky characteristics matched stylistically, but not in a modular sense.

Try holding your marker at a higher degree, maybe 45?

The "S" is a little troubling compared to the rest also.

Hope that helps

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Wes, I agree that this is a "safe" execution. It's intentional- hence, the "hint" of graffiti flavor. I want this first to be legible- unlike most of the existing graffiti fonts out there. Ironic, huh? I'm trying to push the limits- to keep just an ounce that spontaneous drawn quality and ride the fine line that keeps it close to traditional letterforms. In the end, it's more graffiti-inspired than graffiti itself.

I'm seeing this being used in print at small sizes, which is why i decided to go more monoweight with it.

So now, ignoring the mentioned graffiti aspect of this, and considering the attractiveness of the letterforms, any other critiques? Good point about the "S." Thanks for your comments!

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There is no precedent in the other letters for the points at the top of the M to be sharp. Either introduce the sharp somewhere else, or shave the tops off the M. I'd say that the S has more flavor than the other characters. Either calm down the S or make the other characters move a little more. By itself, the S is pretty cool. The top of the R needs to be different from the P. The C is beautiful.

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i agree. as for graffiti type letters its not working. I would say they do look less cheesy then most that i have seen.

btw--i've been a graffiti writer since the early 80's

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yes, less cheesy is a good way to explain it. (Thats a good thing)

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