henna style ornaments

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Good evening all.

So I know henna is a medium, not a style, but I'm wondering if anyone can help recommend an ornamental font (not lettering, but that might be interesting too) that evokes the traditional style of arab and/or asian body art. It needn't necessarily be authentic, just evokative.

So far I've come up with Altemus Arabesques;


which I think is interesting. Anybody else had fun/been inspired by this kind of work?


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Some of Ray Fenwick's work, that he posted here recently, reminds of henna body art style maybe it is just the density of the ink or the casual yet confident penmanship. Olduvai also has some of that feel.

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Tim, Ray's work is a good reminder of how effective hand drawn stuff can be - there really is no substitute.

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Well I can't recollect such font right now however you can checkout Florimel™

You can search for "mehndi designs" in google image search....

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