Typographic Comic.

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Hey, I do a weekly comic published here in the foggy wonderland that is Halifax, Nova Scotia, and thought you guys might appreciate it. It's almost purely typographic, hand-drawn, and there are at least three people who like it alot. So let's make it upwards of five, and I'll have achieved everything I have eveer set out to do, and can go hibernate or something.

It's called the hall of best knowledge and you can see the first 25 or so here:


Anyways, I hope you like it. I've lurked here for a long time (love the forum widget) so it's nice to *participate*.

Ray Fenwick

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Looks good Ray!


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I've added Ray's comic to our repository of "Serifs by Hand" and I dare say his work is one of the finest examples. Imperfect and delightful.

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Really good work and well done hand-drawn Ray.

Is it a newspaper, magazine or a book? Which size has it?


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It is published in a "The Coast", which is an alternative weekly newspaper here.

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They're terrific Ray!
It is so good to see hand-work at that scale and level.
The beauty is in varying letterforms, hand-penned, not "perfect" or sterile... the viewer is reminded that EACH CHARACTER was crafted and like snowflakes none are identical.

A good reminder that we needn't be so font dependent all the time.
Can somebody tell me what font was used for the Coca-Cola script? ;-)

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Quite lovely and amusing. But I regret to say my doppleganger must think the opposite and have a stronger opinion of it, to boot. :)

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Ray, your work is amazing. If I could doodle a quarter of what you can draw and letter I'd be a happy person.

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Yes, beautiful work Ray!!

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"Can somebody tell me what font was used for the Coca-Cola script? ;-)"

Grumbacher 190 Beaux Arts Red Sable Round No. 6


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Humane, literate and charming. Rare qualities. Congratulations!

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Ray, your work is beautiful and inspiring – I always look forward to your posts on Flickr.

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Simply beautiful. I won't say more. Great work.

Dnevnik eklektika

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Nice! I love it when comics and typography/design merge. I need to peruse these at length this weekend. Keep it up and welcome to Typophile (participation).

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Possible commercial idea: Imagine some Typophile t-shirts in this style. Wouldn't that be nice?


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"Possible commercial idea: Imagine some Typophile t-shirts in this style. Wouldn’t that be nice?"

I've been trying to prod Typophile back into the T-shirt business but have not been hearing any responses. This would be another good reason to pursue it.


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Yes Chris! This could be Your mission, this could be Your very own Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam!


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"Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam!"

Yup, that too:-)


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Totally off-topic: for those who have sold t-shirts before, do you happen to know the ratio of t-shirt sizes people get? E.g. 25% S, 40% M, 25% L, 10% XL. Thanks!

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Are you a genius? Yes No Explain. Brilliant

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Are you referring to Cato the Elder? Fredo's Latin remark was quoted from Cato who ended every speech with it. (Carthage must be destroyed)
I think Fredo was saying that I should end every post with "Put Typophile back into the T-shirt business"
My knowledge of Latin is suspect though.


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I love faux type. Amazing stuff, man.


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