(x) Art Deco striped geometric sans - Blackline (Lively Display Caps) {Mike F}

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Would any of you experts out there have an idea if there is a clean digital version of this Art Deco-inspired typeface.
Here's a scan taken from an old record sleeve.
Thanks in advance, guys.
Yours, - Elton

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Photo-Lettering had a series of typefaces like this based on Prisma. There were several variations with different rows of stripes filled in. Your sample is not one of them, though. Unfortunately, I know of no digitizations of any of these.

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It's an old typeface called Blackline. The only digital version I'm aware of is WSI's Lively Display Caps.

Mike Yanega provided a showing of Blackline in this prior thread.

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Look at Cassandre's stuff.


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