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My brother in-law has asked me to design a logo for his business and since this is the first time I have attempted to design a logo from scratch I was wondering if anyone could give me a few ideas. I realize that most of you do this for a living so I would not want you to spend too much time with me, all I need are a few ideas to get me going in the right direction. I am comfortable using Illustrator and Photoshop.

Here is a little background. My brother in-law breads and races pigeons in Tucson, AZ. The name of his business is DESERT VIEW LOFT http://www.desertviewlofts-tucson.com He needs a logo that will work on everything from biz cards to T-shirts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Once I have a few working logos I'll post them for review.


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Just a thought: the upper case "D" may be made into a right-facing pigeon with his chest confidently puffed-out.

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The visual of pigeons nested/taking flight from the counter forms in the letters of 'Desert View Lofts', which should probably be stacked to prevent it from getting too long ('Desert' on top of 'View Lofts'). The 'D' and the 'O' are particularly good spots for this.

Do not use Photoshop for creating logos (except to save them for the web, etc.). Use Illustrator's vectors to create a logo that can scale to any size without resolution loss. It also tends to force you to keep your illustration cleaner and simpler.

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