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Hi everybody

I and a friend are gathering a bunch of chilean and some select international group (Matthew Carter, Milton Glaser, Nick Shinn, Underware, Gerard Unger, Gabriel Martinez Meave, Eduardo Omine, Akira Kobayashi, Xavier Dupre, Christian Schwartz, Andreu Balius, and more) to participate un PROYECTO DEMO.

Is the first DEMO and for this first time qe are celebrating the font "Australis" by Francisco Gálvez, the same one that won the MORISAWA contest on 2002.

we have allready 136 designers, and everyone is making a 13x15 cms artwork to publish on a 16x16cms book in 2 colors, we want to show in a short future all the works in the DEMO website, i will anounce it when it reafy.


Cristian Gonzalez Saiz

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The book have an extensive critique of Alejandro Lo Celso, (Matthew Carter recognition in the same Morisawa contest), and 12 pages from Francisco Galvez developing the complete "Australis" with all the variants. (bold, italic, small caps, and swash italic).

all the texts of the book will be translated to english.


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This sounds pretty interesting!
Although I don't actually get exactly what it is...
You have 136 designers making layouts with Australis?!

And about when is it coming out?


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When (and where) is the party? : D

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Cristian, please contact me (eduardo at omine dot net). I've tried to contact you through your personal profile and also through your email account, with no success.


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