Hello, my name is EasyTiger and I'm a fontoholic

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Okay, this is my first post, ever. And, instead of lurking for a week or 10 before posting, I thought I'd jump right in and rummage around in the basement for something to 'donate'....to placate the flamers, as it were.

So I found this font I designed wayback but never 'fontified', that I thought I'd post and see what people thought.

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Welcome! This would be best placed in the Display critique section rather than General Discussion (for future reference, but a mod will surely move it!). Also if you upgrade to Flash 8 you can insert images into your posts rather than attaching them as such.

What was your intention with this? I'd like to hear more before I say anything about your design.

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Intention? I guess I was interested in designing a gothic/industrial looking typeface that wasn't so heavy. I also like the idea of individual letters that are constructed using 'generic' elements.

As for the intention of the typeface, it would be cool if someone was interested in it enough to run it through Fontographer or whatever so it could be used as an actual typable font. That's something that's not currently within my capabilities, but something I'd like to see happen in some capacity.

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I'm just not sure about all those circular cuts in the glyphs, at some points they act as an ink trap would (which works?) but at other times it just seems random. You've got lots of glyphs that are just copies of each other, flipped ie. the s and the z, p and the q etc. If you examine other faces you'll find that this is not the case. This practice seems to give your idea a rather bland/haphazard feel to it. What does this look like without all those random cuts in it? That might be worth pursuing.

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"run it through Fontographer or whatever so it could be used as an actual typable font"

Ouch. You might want to be careful with that kind of talk around these parts. Developming a decent font into an "actual typable" condition takes, what?, a few hundred hours? Not quite as simple as "run[ning] it through Fontographer or whatever..."

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I'm not seeing the image.


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There are no images on Typophile right now. Seems to be a system glitch.

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Or maybe it's a ruse to test our verbal skills...
So EasyTiger, let's see you describe your
design in excruciating detail instead. ;-)


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I think with a an increased contrast in the strokes this might be pretty sweet. The question is Asian brush contrast or western nib?

Also specifically - the 2579 f & s all have some form issues.. The 2 5 and s have a crossbar that's unfortunate. It needs thinking through. Also the f is just too programatic. It draws on the font's formula for it's solution to too great an extent.

The age in which this might have been a really popular/fashionable font is over - but if you want to finnish it I would encourage you. There is enough here that's worthwhile to give it a go. If I really like the direction I might even be willing to 'fontify it' - maybe.

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OK, I see the image now.

Actually, even though I'm glad the 90s are over,
I think this has potential. BUT: it will be very
hard to bring it to a highly polished state.


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Some of the change will have to be deep. I agree. But it could be worth it.

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