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Any ideas?

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Looks hand drawn to me; the width, the squareness of the serifs, the whole constructed feel...

Look after Goodness & Truth
& Beauty will look after itself

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I have seen other words in it on his books

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Bodoni Open, slightly stretched?

Edit: it's not an exact match (the A and the M are different), and the more I look at the sample the more I agree it may have been a hand-job - the peak of the A extends up way too far. Unless you absolutely need to match this sample I think you'd do better to use an existing font like Bodoni Open.

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not the same, but see Smaragd (Gudrun Zapf von Hesse, Linotype)

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Chevalier Open is wider but similar.

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I digitized that a few years ago for some design group or other, I can't remember who.

As the original artwork had been lost long ago, I was given a clothing tag which was so degraded, it looked like a 20th generation photocopy. I had to interpret this into something sharp. From this I made an upper case typeface with the logo built-in as 2 keystrokes.

I know the peak of the A extends up way too far, I couldn't see the logic of it myself, but the client knows best. So it wasn't a 'hand job' after all.

BTW - Hi Diederik, how you doin'

Nick Cooke

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‘hand job’ ?

Nah, I am not going there :-)


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Here I am, biting my lip for 29 hours or so, and then Chris says it! :^D

How rude!

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Let's just hope future 'hand jobs' aren't identified as such.

- Lex

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"How rude!"

Wha-a-a-at? :-)


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