(x) Christina Ong - Murray Hill {Miguel}

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Please help me to id this font. Thank you very much in advance

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By the way, a 'track' on you shows that you have a lot of Type ID requests.
Nevertheless, you never seem to get this right:

What do I enter in the “Title” line?
Try to define your type ID request as clearly as possible. For example “1960’s newspaper headline face” or “Lost in Translation movie logo” or “retro script” will do nicely. Whereas “Please help me identify this font” is pretty pointless as that’s the only thing we do on the Type Identification Board. Compare it to a newspaper where every single headline would say “Stuff happened!”

Can you try to make a better effort next time, or is it asking too much? :^/

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Hehehe, glad it's not me who had to say it this time. Thanks Miguel. ;^)

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You're welcome! :^)

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