Suggest some fonts for my powerpoint again?

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Hello all,

According to that you friendly helped me for my powerpoint presentation last time,
and that finally my QM tutor liked it and asked me to give him a copy to show other tutors, I want your suggestions again because I will have to make another presentation for my English course project about banning smoking in public places. So can you suggest some fonts for this theme? One more thing, my English tutor is an Australian female. Thank you,


P.S. I'm sorry if you are a smoker.

Si_Daniels's picture - use plenty of red, white and cowboy clipart! Yeehaw!

There's this one too -

But to be really clever use the fonts and colors used by the best selling ozzie cigs


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I think I forgot to tell you that I am from Hong Kong, not really such a Western place. But yes I also thought the colour red and white would be good for the theme. I wonder if I can use Eurostile instead of Nicotine.



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