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hi, i wanted to post this as a comment to my previus topic (logo critique and suggestion) but i realized that i can't attach a file while commenting...whatever.

the design is somehow going to another direction (it's probably because my attempts to maje a nice hand made constructivist face turned out to be pathetic at the best, it really is hard to make it right)

so these are the new sketches, suggestions and comments are more than welcome.


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You're starting to push things to the edge at random locations and it's creating awkward tension by design. You've approached the edge at some points but design wise you're still straddling the line and it gives your attempts a lack of confidence I'm not sure you want.

Out of your three type choices for the title the third, Avant Garde?, seems to be the best. The modern aspect of the second doesn't work well with the big, blocky simple style you're going for. The first face is too funky and 'fun' if you will.

BTW if you upgrade to Flash Player 8 you can now Insert Images into your post, thus you would be able to add this into your old thread.


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The signs themselves are right, but it`s the question what you will arrive. Does they serve the purpose of your mission? I see 2 contrary arrows. What does it symbolize? What about this?


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I personaly like the Bauhaus first version. I like the idea of the reversed sevens coming towards the reader. The only thing I don't like is the heavy black border. Try making the second reversed seven break the border of the red block. Faked implyed movement.

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Actually the signs (or the reversed 7s) are two k's without the vertical lines. What i'm trying to do is to come up with an abstract K shape to use as an icon -sometimes without the title.

i agree that the balance is lost in my latest attemts. when i try to go on, i stray from my original idea. so i'll go back to the beginning, i guess.

btw, wadim, i like what you're doing with DS Nova, but the face is a bit too ornamental for me.


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It seems that your k's are being read as 7, you could try the k shape that Eben suggested from the P22 constructivist set (the simple rectangle with a triangle removed from the righthand side). When I think of Russian propaganda art I see the heros (worker and soldier) gazing, off right, to a new future. If you divided the width of your logo into three unequal parts and used that k shape overlapped in red, white and black (or whatever colour order you want) and have as the right hand area a simple rectangle, you could create a stong legible image that would work on its own and with the strapline.

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Is this thread is a new project or you have modified that one?:

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No, my target was not DS Nava, my target was the art of designing identities. I combinated a record-button with a letter of logo. I see neither reversed seven nor double K in any position. You suggest yourself to see them.

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sim, no, it's not a new project, i had to continue with a new topic because i couldn't post the updates in a comment. now that i upgraded to flash player 8, i can insert the image, thanks to dave.

wadim, i think you are right about the unrecognizability of the k's. A quick look at your site gave me your solution to the same problem: I didn't understand that your blue avatar/icon was in fact the letter K (for Kahlkopf most probably) until i saw you used the same K for the headlines text on your site.

so, here comes another direction i'm working on:

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...and another one:

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More you try and more your go nowhere! Sorrry!

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My "K" ist from Kahlkopf = skinhead in German. So I made skined K. Simple. I found your typographic solution with 2 new K very interesting and legible. But the last is like Levis engeneered Jeans, the same problem I had in evolution of my K:

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I think you could try to build logo like "Muzodrom":


It looks crazy you need, and in fact it`s graphically fine made, that will be assotiated with quality. Let`s go!

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