A question about script

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Question: What are those fancy scribbles at the end of peoples signatures, or sometimes script type called?

I have looked everywhere possible and I haven't been able to find an answer. I feel like I should know what they are called and even though I am no novice to design I am at a loss. Ultimate brain fart of the century. Feel free to point your finger and laugh.


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'Swash', or 'Swashy Endings', maybe.? :)

Dav, formlos

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...or flourish.

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yeah, thanks. It was so obvious too.

they both seem to be right. swash; flourish - étendre.


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Isn't Swash when it is part of a cap letterform and Flourish when it is something added besides the glyph?


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Perhaps those were their original definitions, Chris. Lately I see them all used interchangeably and I'm not really opposed to it.

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Moxon states,

"Rightly indicated, the extravagant extenders and tails on capital letters shall, by every good man of taste and discernment, be known as Those Deely Things."

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"I see them all used interchangeably and I’m not really opposed to it."

It is kind of like the the current use of the word "Logo" which is no-longer a word mark or even an acronym but any and all "Deely Things" used as identifiers for businesses or entities.

I guess we are all trying to be "good men of taste and discernment," :-)


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I'd say flourish. But I'm a mean old dogmatic broad.

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"I’d say flourish. But I’m a mean old dogmatic broad."

Somehow that still sounds better than “good men of taste and discernment,” :-)


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>I guess we are all trying to be “good men of taste and discernment,” :-)

Yup, momma don' low no deely-bobbin' roun' heah.

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But we don't care whut momma don' 'low, we gonna deely-bobbin inny how :-)


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