(x) Pop art hyperrealism U.S.A. - Cuckoo {Lisa P}

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can anyone identify this headline typeface? this is taken from a museum poster of a small art institution in austria.

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I think actually spotted the typeface you're looking for. I only saw it for a second but it was used for the logo/title of TLC's tv show, 'For Better or for Worse.'

(Sorry, no picures of it are on the web yet--I guess the show isn't very popular.)

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I think Larabie has a font similar, don't know the name
+ there's Eggwhite at FontBureau...by Cyrus Highsmith.


don't hurt em Hammyr...

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I believe it is cuckoo. I found a download site here

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Nice, Lisa. You really had to dredge the gutter for that one.

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thanks. very close! - looks like someone took the actual font and made a sort of comical version of it. unfortunately... so, the hunt continues.

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thanks for info, but since i cannot see anything online, the hunt is still on......

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thanks... well, larabie ALWAYS has a font similar.... and EGGWHITE again is a somewhat more comical version of what i am looking for... so, the hunt continues...

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excellent, that's the one! and thanks very much lisa p. - cheers!

cuckoo sample

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