New Vodafone typefaces

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Earlier this year Dalton Maag were invited by Enterprise IG to help define the typography for the updated Vodafone identity. The new typeface needed to be clean, multi-lingual, accessible and ownable.
A modified version of InterFace now carries the identity, not only in the UK, but all over Europe, including Greece and Russia.

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i quite like this font.

dear bruno,

may i ask you some questions? (just out of curiosity..)

- on your site we see the reworked logo of MIGROS. what was your part in the redesign of their identity? are you happy with the rounded characters? was a whole charset create (as a private work, just to learn something, i'd maybe try to do this.. but if it already exists, im not sure if i will)

- you designed the new "kiosk"-typeface, right? what was the briefing there? as a normal customer (with high affinity to design and type design) i must say that i dont really like the whole identity (i love parts of it, but i think its too round, too "unsharp") - again, what was your part in this work?

if you have time to answer these two questions, i'd be very happy. im aware of the fact that you surely have to do lots of other things, so if not, a short note would be appreciated, too.

thierry blancpain (from switzerland, too, by the way)

PS: just as another information, im doing my first try at a "real" display-font, and the rounded details in the mövenpick-logo inspired me. thanks!

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>i quite like this font.

Which typeface do you talking about?

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the parts that are shown of the modified interface (altough i gotta admit that i dont really know interface that well, so i dont know how much modifiying was done). i wanted to say at least a bit about the thread itself (ontopic), because the rest is, in fact, all "offtopic".

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but why did you ask?

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sorry for not responding earlier.

- Migros. We worked on the logo development, commissioned by Wirz Identity in Zurich. Although there was once talk about designing a whole typeface it never came off. I am happy with the logo lettering in as far as the crafting is concerned. I believe though that Migros could have been a little braver and departed more radically from the old identity. But as you know, Migros is a cooperative society set up, so too many people and committees became involved.

- Kiosk. No, we only refined the logo. We had nothing to do withthe typeface.

Hope this helps. And sorry again for the delay in answering.
Bruno Maag
Dalton Maag Ltd

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