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I've been playing with this logo for a few days. This is for a record label's web site. Right now, with how it is, it doesn't really click.

I was aiming for a russian/constructivist look with the bold usage of red and black, but i don't think the type serves this purpose. The typeface is Akzidenz Grotesk Bold, what do you think would fit in better?


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Everything in me wants the logo to be square. Like the minimalist K's but not sure about the horizontal strokes. What about Futura esp. condensed or some other bauhaus geometric?
Quick sketch...

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I like the sketch you've done ea.

I'd keep the Nick's suggestion for the proportion of the red and black color. However I think the type will be better if he would be separate one of the other and make it bigger and larger. Sans is a good choice but if your're not sure about that typeface try something else to see the look it will give. What do you think about that one:

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If it's realy constructivist you want & it's a logo I suggest you get in somne books & make your own! They are fairly simple to make - but probably less simple to make REALLY well. Stil, an original solution for type in a logo is always a little more ideal because it catches the eye better. If you want a super fast solution there is always 'constructovist' from P22


The other thing is that so far you are giving me a swiss modern or post swiss feel not a constructivist one. They were big on wacky energtic angles and didn't go in for the degree of reductivism/simplicity you are using so far. Again, crack those books!

And lastly, they were big on using human figures even if they were pretty abstracted

Check this out


But I like what you made too.


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thanks for the suggestions so far.

i think you're right about the proportions, but i have a thing for the horizantal stroke of the kk. i think they give the abstract/graphic kk feeling better.

i think my choice of typeface takes the whole feel of te design from consrtuctivist to minimal... i'll try to come up with a home-made face for the logo based on the suggestions of EbenSorkin. The way i see it, when i change the face i'll be able to be bolder with the kk icon.

One thing i found out is that the letter K is very difficult to manage and tame.

btw, "Korkunc Kayitlar" is turkish and roughly means "Terrible Records", terrible with a double meaning, either scary or good as in "terribly good".

thanks for your time and suggestions, i'll post the updates.


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