La nuova maglia della Nazionale: Italia

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type/numbers by Dalton Maag Ltd - London


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Italians look better!

Holland: 1 .. Italy: 3
Italians are better

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grazie molto... the sunday Repubblica only had two or so photos in it...

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Is it OK that I can't tell if that's a "10" or a "70"?


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Is it OK that I can’t tell if that’s a “10” or a “70”?

I had the same thought. :-/

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oops I used a pre-release version... the one was changed for that reason.

see Gilardino's shirt 11.

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final one looks like this.....

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Ciao Vincenzo
Is available a font VERY similar to the one used for the client Puma? I've read the original is not allowed to be used for private personalizations and at the Puma store in Roma they said to know nothing at all about it.
Can I have some hints about it?
Thank you!

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Ciao Giuseppe,

I search the internet but I couldn't find the fonts. I think that Vincenzo used Photoshop and made that sentence with the charters avaible on the internet. And not with fonts.
On the internet there is an image where is written pumaville - motorstore find a store. I could write italia. The fonts of the numbers are not perfect.

Is possible as well that he has access to the font for some reason.

I hope that someone make these fonts avaible.


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Ciao Ragazzi. The font is custom and not available, as Giuseppe said. Read some of these other threads found here on Typophile for more information.

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Dear Miss Tiffany,

even if the font is custom I start to think that Vincenzo has it for sure. In some way or another he got it maybe he produces T-Shirts or he is working for Dalton Maag. I can't believe that nobody (a good designer) didn't make a replica of that font.


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Ok guys I discovered why Vincent has the font.

He is Vincent Connare his website is

He is a PRO ! He is working for Dalton Maag Ltd.

Giuseppe there is no way that he will make the font avaialble to the comunity. We are normal user he is a PRO!

The only way is that a capable person will make a replica font based on Puma Pace.

I thought Vincenzo was a "normal user" but he is one of the best in the world.


p.s. is funny because the font file is a small file HA HA ;-) I'm sure it will be avaible in the future when it won't be used anymore!

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