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Hello all,

I'm in the middle of a rush job for a friend who needs an identity for his startup...cornerstone 1 media. He'll be publishing books about the key knowledge that helps influence decision making before the adaption of technology. That's it in a nutshell.

I've already shown him one round of designs and he gravitated toward the logo with the number one. This is the second round. Unfortunately, neither of us has a lot of time to spend on this so I'm trying to nail it down quickly. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions about the attached direction.

Thanks so much for your help.


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Hi Tammy, personally I see "Cornerstone Media" and don't read the "1" as part of the title. I'm not sure what anyone else will think, but I would look at trying to integrate the 1 better. It's always difficult to achieve legibility with this approach, personally I would look at using the dimensional 1 as a separate icon, and pull out the name as another element to avoid confusion. Best - Chris

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Thanks Chris...I definitely want 1 to be read clearly as part of the title. I'm wondering if using a stronger color for 1 would make it stronger. I'll keep plugging away.

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How does this shape relate to the idea of a cornerstone? I know it's a corner but it just looks like the 1 is a dorr or something. I get a vague feeling from it.

Take a look at this


Thats a cornerstone. And with type too.

I also saw this but I didn't like it.


What if you had 3 lines & a random stone shape. Get it? Corner, stone?

It's a tricky thing on short notice. But then you can't expect a miracle on short notice. Maybe you can talk him into more time.

Whatever happened to *your* logo?


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Eben's first link would make a pretty cool logo, I'd say. The use of a dimensional block could be pretty cool, particularly with that sturdy architectural detailing.

I could definitely read the '1', but, as Chris K wrote, it doesn't feel integrated enough.

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