(x) Unknown 50's Futura-like sans - Vogue {Mark S}

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i'm looking for this font's name discovered in several documents of 50's. Any idea ?

Thank you ;)

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Very similar to Avenir which is based on Futura and Erbar. Although none of the samples I've seen quite fit the bill.

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This is an old metal Futura-like face called Vogue. Vanity Fair magazine's typeface is based on it, but that's proprietary and I don't know of any other digital versions.

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Isn't there a new Futura that has all sorts of alternates built in?

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Yes, Miss Tiffany, I saw it too - in the Veer catalog. I think it was called Futura Pro.


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Thanks, Patty. I am glad I wasn't dreaming up new typefaces again. ;^D

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You could probably try Gf H2O Sans from Gigofonts as a reasonable alternative.

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Thanks for your answers, it sure looks like vanity fair's font face, but look at the "a", it's not the same shape as futura's.
But the caps are really look alike.
I looked after the Vogue typeface on myfonts.com, and it doesn't look the same, maybe it's not the version you talked about ?

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You could also look at Bernhard Gothic, not a match but definitely a similar feel.

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The "Vogue" font on MyFonts is a totally different typeface. Only the name is the same. Here is an earlier discussion about the original:


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Thanks a lot, it's exactly the same, though I wasn't sure cause of the weight. Do you have any further information on it ? I'm actually digitalizing it, the only things I have at the moment is a French book composed with it in two weights and sizes, and now, thanks to you, the name. I'm gonna try to find old typefaces books too...

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I'm keenly interested in finding a digital version of the Intertype Vogue - drop me a note if you've completed your work. Thanks.

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Yea! After searching for Vogue for several years, I happened upon “Am Sans” at daFont yesterday. Volker Busse digitized the font (using a few characters from Futura). I’m really pleased since I was beginning to think this font had been lost forever. Volker’s font used a few of the special no. 2 characters and, unfortunately, a Futura question mark. I’m really pleased to find this gem! Here’s the link at daFont: http://www.dafont.com/am-sans.font


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William that isn't Vogue and even if it were it isn't a very refined representation of a font. It might suit some uses, but in most cases it is not useful.

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