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For a school project I decided to figure out fontlab and create something.
So this is the first font ive ever made. I haven't done the numbers yet, but im working on them now, just thought I would try for some feedback here since you all seem to be total experts on all this :)

thanks in advance

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What do you want to know?

The letters do look like they were cut out of paper... maybe with those round ended scissors come to think of it.

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I guess just any thoughts. I've never made a font before, i guess this one doesnt really seem that origional. Are there any parts that appear to heavy from the rest of it? (besides the crossbar on the A) I already fixed that just not in the image thats on here. Any things that might improve it maybe? I dont know haha..

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From the look of it the font seems to be deliberately akward & childish. Like the kind of thing you would see cut out & pasted to a school bulliten board. It works if thats what you wanted to do. To suggest that it look different I would have to know what you wanted the font to be like. Maybe it's time to start reading some more about type so you can formulate your purpose in a clearer way.

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Nice first go-around! Better than mine (nope, I won't show it).

E, F, T, and Z are straight across their tops, with no bevel to them (compare with the top of B, for example). It makes them look heavier than they are.

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lherrou: thanks. the b isnt really beveled (rounded?) though, it just rounds off at one end.

eben: you're right I guess I wasnt very clear, this is the final version of the font:

I was trying to make a font that was big and bold that could be seen both as a somewhat childlike font, but also one that was bold and strong enough to be used as a display font for non-child-like uses. im not really sure if i'm explaining that well, basically I wanted it to be somewhat childish, but not so much as to regulate it to hokey uses like sand and comic sands (fonts that I strongly dislike) are. Also, I was trying to learn how to use the curves tool since id never had to use it with such percision before (I've only done drawing in illustrator, which is far far easier than planning out the letter S for example, haha).
and the third goal of the font was to be able to create something where the letters had an overall theme that connected them all very clearly, so that they could be used as a somewhat-body-copy font if they needed to be, i say somewhat because while they would probably fail at normal copy sizes under 12, they might work out ok at around 15 or 20.

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(also, that was my "font poster" for my class, which explains the not so thrilling text up top. I left it up there so you guys could see how the font types out in sentances.)

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You must mean comic sans. I think it has a brassy adolcent feel. There is NOW WAY that you would want to use this font for body copy in a book or magazine though. This one is strictly a title kind of font. Okay maybe for 5 or 6 line sof text but after that - no way dude.

Thanks for postring the poster. Is that actually how you feel?

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haha.. yeah i did mean sans , I guess I had sand on the brain. Yeah thats what i meant by sort of, it would be terrible for true body, I just meant for a few lines.

no not really. I'll probably make other fonts, it was fun. I don't think Ill be quite as cavalier as I was at the beginning of this one though now that I know what an investment of time it is haha.

It is true that illustrator's curve tool has been slightly ruined for me, as its impossible to be as precise or wonderful with it as you can with the curve tool in fontlab, but I still enjoy both of them.

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Cool. What kind of font will you make next if you do.

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Not sure yet. I made a really odd one that was near impossible to read and really not that good, might play around more, im sure ill post stuff if im happy with it though.

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