Urgent - Problem with P. Bruhn's Mayo

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Urgent because if there's not any solution, i would be obliged to choose something else. I'm wanting to use Mayo dingborders (http://www.fountain.nu/catalogue/mayo.asp) for the subtitles, in a layout, and xpress get me in trouble. Mayo form words into borders and pressing space norùally create a blank border; but in xpress, it does not, putting instead a normal space... is there a solution* to force the log to use the font settings in the mayo formed words ?

*Other than using Indesign. I would have prefered a lot, but xpress was installed in the computer when i arrived for the job, and the paper is too poor to buy Indesign only to please me and my ideas of opentyped fool titles and good typography.

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This is very scary sounding. Can you do a screengrab to illustrate your problem?

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Here is the thing :
Where it's broken, there should be a blank border.
(sorry for having been so long, my webspace seems not to work)

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Hmm. Have you tried using option-space instead? In most fonts, this is identical to the space, except how it is treated by applications. Some programs assume that the regular space character is blank and only use the width. I'm not sure why. In these cases, the non-breaking space (option-space) may work.

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Alas, it doesn't. I need the character to be written in another glyph, i guess.

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Peter Bruhn has already made a special version for me. i don't know about what usually happen in this case but i just think it was great. Public thanks. Fountain rules !

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Bruhn made a special version for you? That is wonderful news. I enjoy reading about this sort of thing.

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Bruhn made a special version for you? Did he bring enough gum for the entire class?

I needed to create paths most of the time til I switched from Quark.

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